Introducing The CBRN-Rated SGE 400/3 BB
The World’s Most Advanced Tactical Gas Mask
Features At A Glance
  • CBRN-rated materials are certified to protect against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats1
  • Engineered to military and law enforcement certification standards
  • Heavy-duty one piece visor shield guarantees maximal face protection with a revolutionary patented design that is scratch proof and resistant to high-velocity impacts2
  • Three individual NATO 40mm DIN 3283 filter ports for breathing protection in accordance with EN 136:1998 CL 3 (left and right side port option allows for a more comfortable gun aiming position)
  • Ultra-comfortable butyl rubber skirt provides full coverage to perfectly fit all face shapes and sizes3
  • Advanced technopolymer created for aeronautical and aerospace requirements is easy to decontaminate an unlimited number of times without deterioration
  • Lightweight, exceptionally durable construction

1. Protection factor proven by SBCCOM at Aberdeen Proving Ground (MARYLAND, USA) on November 22nd 2003 in accordance with current CBRN norms.

2. Durability and resilience of the rigid polycarbonate visor face shield proven by independent laboratory tests conducted using extreme-velocity impacts from projectile weapons. The face shield was left undamaged by a steel sphere .25 caliber (6.35 mm) bullet hitting the mask at any point at speeds up to 500 feet per second.

3. Universal fit face seal scientifically evaluated on panels of 25-40 test subjects having facial sizes and shapes that approximate the distribution of sizes and shapes in the general population.

Frequently Asked Questions
What makes the SGE 400/3 BB Tactical Gas Mask superior to other masks?

State-of-the-art engineering and ambitiously innovative design make the SGE 400/3 BB Tactical Gas Mask superior to any other breathing protection device on the market today.

Heavy-Duty One Piece Visor Face Shield

The transparent integrated visor face shield is made of an ultra-lightweight polycarbonate material that replaces the flimsy rubber body used in traditional gas mask construction. This innovative design guarantees an unsurpassed level of cut resistance and impact protection for the face while very comfortably supporting the head harness, valves, filters, regulators and other optional equipment upgrades. A polysiloxane resin coating makes the visor face shield very resistant to aggressive substances.

CBRN-Rated Integral Face Seal

High-grade butyl rubber is used to construct the face seal in accordance with CBRN protection standards, which safeguard the wearer against the deadliest threats: chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attacks. A unique bellows-type structure allows for perfect uniform sealing around the face while maintaining an exceptional degree of comfort, even after prolonged periods of wear (the SGE 400/3 BB Tactical Gas Mask may be worn comfortably for up to five consecutive days).

Extremely Durable Filter Port Fittings

Three identical NATO 40mm DIN 3283 filter ports are made using polyarilamide, an advanced technopolymer created for aeronautical and aerospace requirements. The durability of this material is further reinforced with mineral charges. In addition to having a very high impact resistance, polyarilamide is not affected by aging or atmospheric factors. Its abrasion resistance is such that after testing with over 3000 assembly/disassembly operations, the filter port sustained no wear. Left and right side filter port location allows for more comfortable aiming of a gun.

Integrated Exhalation Valve Components

Each 40mm threaded filter fitting is contained within a single housing unit that also comprises the exhalation valve components. The ideal shape of the internal exhalation ring allows for perfect ventilation of the entire face piece and prevents misting, even at very low temperatures.

Easy to Clean and Decontaminate

Decontamination and cleaning are made easy with the specially treated polycarbonate materials. They are impervious to aggressive agents, even after very long exposure times. The SGE 400/3 BB Tactical Gas Mask may be decontaminated an unlimited number of times without deterioration using all normal decontamination methods, including immersion into boiling water.

Which threats does the SGE 400/3 BB protect me from?

The SGE 400/3 BB Tactical Gas Mask protects the wearer from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats.


Chemical agents are poisonous vapors, aerosols, liquids and solids that have toxic effects on people, animals or plants. They can be released by bombs or sprayed from aircraft, boats and vehicles.


Biological agents are organisms or toxins that can kill or incapacitate people, livestock and crops. The three basic groups of biological agents that would likely be used as weapons are bacteria, viruses and toxins.


Radiological agents are used in a Radiological Dispersion Device (RDD) — often called “dirty nuke” or “dirty bomb” —  to scatter dangerous and sub-lethal amounts of radioactive material over a general area.


Nuclear devices produce explosions with intense heat and a damaging pressure wave. The tremendous heat from a nuclear blast causes an up-draft of air that forms the familiar mushroom cloud; millions of vaporized dirt particles are drawn into the cloud. As heat diminishes, radioactive materials condense and fall back to Earth as radioactive fallout.

Can this gas mask really stop bullets?

The one piece visor face shield is made of a heavy-duty polycarbonate material that protects the face and eyes against extremely violent impact forces. Independent laboratory tests prove that the polycarbonate face shield is left undamaged by a steel sphere .25 caliber (6.35 mm) bullet hitting the mask at impact speeds of up to 500 feet per second.

Are there different sizes available for men, women, and children?
The universal fit head harness straps adjust to fit all face shapes and sizes perfectly. Adult men and women typically wear [MEDIUM/LARGE] size. A [SMALL/MEDIUM] sized mask is recommended for children aged 12 or younger. Please specify the quantity of child-sized masks you need in the special notes field at checkout.
Can I wear this mask with prescription eyeglasses?

The SGE 400/3 BB Tactical Gas Mask is designed with an ingenious way to rapidly attach corrective lenses without the need to use any separate tool. Prescription lenses are mounted onto a special frame, which conveniently snaps inside the mask. The system avoids the use of glue, ensures a large field of vision, avoids lens fogging, and allows for the use of standard prescription lenses.

+ CLICK TO ADD Prescription Optical Lens Support to your SGE 400 Series Tactical Gas Mask

How long will a filter last?

The life cycle of a filter depends on multiple factors, including its absorption capacity, the concentration level of contaminants, operating temperature and humidity, as well as each user’s breathing rate. Average filter life cycle is approximately eight hours. Individual filter life cycle will vary depending on acute variables in real-world conditions.

How do I know when to change the filter?

You will know it is time to change the filter when reduced air intake causes breathing to become more difficult.

What is the storage life of the filter?

You can expect your filter to last five years when stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

Are SGE 400 Series respiratory filters compatible with other gas masks?
The Multipurpose 40mm Standard A2B2E2K2P3 Threaded Filter is compatible with a variety of breathing protection devices (make sure to check your gas mask instruction manual to determine the filter type you require). Protection from CBRN-level events requires an advanced breathing protection device like the SGE 400/3 BB Tactical Gas Mask. Breathing devices not certified according to CBRN standards will not provide adequate protection against chemical, biological, nuclear or radiological events.
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