SunJack® USB AA/AAA 8000mAh Battery Charging Station Accessory


The SunJack® USB AA/AAA 8000mAh Battery Charging Station recharges your Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd battery cells safely and quickly.

Intelligent battery-sensing circuitry automatically shuts off power if a problem is ever detected during the recharging process. 4-position design charges up to 4 AA/AAA battery cells at a time in just under 5 hours. Built-in powerbank is compatible with most smart phone and tablet USB chargers.

Your SunJack® USB AA/AAA Battery Charging Station includes these features :

  • 8000mAh powerbank recharges up to 20 AA batteries on a full charge
  • Charge up to 4 AA/AAA batteries at a time in under 5 hours
  • LED indicators light up for each inserted AA/AAA battery
  • Intelligent battery-sensing technology keeps you safe
  • Compatible with any stable 5V USB port powerbank
  • 1 year warranty

Compatible USB charging interface means you can simply plug your USB AA/AAA Battery Charging Station into any Sunjack® brand powerbank to recharge!