SunJack® 45000mAh Ultrahigh Capacity Mega Powerbank Accessory


The SunJack® 45000mAh Ultrahigh Capacity Mega Powerbank Accessory packs in a whopping 45000mAh of power — enough to fully charge electronic devices for up to 4 family members!

Its 3 power output ports feature advanced, all-in-one rapid charge technology so you can charge multiple devices simultaneously (recharge a smart phone up to 22 times, tablets up to 6 times and laptops up to 3 times). Your SunJack® Mega Powerbank is engineered with intelligent battery-sensing circuitry that automatically detects the voltage requirements for each device plugged into its powerbank. Youre always safe with its smart shutoff technology protects that your devices from overcharging and overheating.

Your SunJack® Mega Powerbank helps you maximize your self-reliance factor with these advanced features:

  • 45000mAh integrated powerbank charges a smartphone up to 22 times, a tablet up to 6 times, or a laptop up to 3 times
  • Allows you to recharge multiple devices simultaneously with 3 all-in-one power output ports
  • 13 different connectors are compatible with virtually any electronic device
  • 20V, 16V, 12V, 3A maximum output
  • 60W maximum output
  • 4 LED charge capacity indicators
  • LED voltage indicator lights
  • Weighs under 2 lbs
  • Handy carrying case
  • 1 DC adapter
  • 1 Sunjack® brand fast charge cable
  • Quickstart manual
  • 1 year warranty

It's so easy to recharge your Ultrahigh Capacity Mega Powerbank with any Sunjack® brand solar charging kit! We also include cables that are compatible with most third-party powerbanks.