SunJack® 20W Solar-Powered Portable Charging Kit + Accessories


The rugged and weather-resistant Sunjack® 20W Solar-Powered Portable Charging Kit is the perfect power supply for up to a four-member family!

Each solar charging kit includes two Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 10000mAh Mini Powerbanks to keep you powered up and ready-to-go even when the sun isn’t shining. Charge your phone, tablet or laptop with wall outlet speeds in direct sun.

These are the advanced features that come standard with your Sunjack® 20W Solar-Powered Portable Charging Kit:

  • 4 extra large, high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels provide up to a 20W power output
  • Dual USB ports each with a maximum output voltage/current of 5v/2A allow you to power/recharge devices simultaneously
  • 2 external 10000mAh Qualcomm 3.0 Quick Charge lithium-polymer powerbanks
  • LED indicators display battery level and charging status
  • Wall outlet speed charging in full sunlight
  • 2 Sunjack® brand fast charge cables
  • 2 Sunjack® brand carabiners
  • Digital quickstart guide
  • 1 year warranty

Get the most out of your Sunjack® 20W Solar-Powered Portable Charging Kit with extra accessories made to maximize your self-reliance factor. Upgrade your solar charging kit with the 350 Lumen waterproof LightSticks™ that include a built-in 5200mAh powerbank, the HeatBank™ portable hand warmer plus built-in 7500mAh powerbank, the flameless ElectroLighter™, the 240 Lumen rechargeable headlamp, the 340 Lumen Camplight® LED lightbulb, the AA/AAA battery charger or add the ultra high capacity Mega Powerbank to get an extra 45000mAh of on-the-go power!


Add A Mega Powerbank
The SunJack® Mega Powerbank packs in a whopping 45000mAh of power — enough to charge devices for up to a family of 4 (fully recharges a smart phone up to 22 times, tablets up to 6 times and laptops up to 3 times). This ultrahigh capacity powerbank is lightweight at just under 2 lbs and comes with a handy carrying case. Includes 13 differently-sized connectors so it is widely compatible with almost any device!

Don't forget to add this accessory to your order if you have a large family or multiple devices that need recharging.

Select 1 - Add One (1) Mega Powerbank [+$89.00 ] 2 - Add Two (2) Mega Powerbanks [+$160.00 - Save 10% ] DO NOT ADD
Add Waterproof Lightstick + Powerbank
The waterproof SunJack® LightStick™ is the perfect portable lighting solution for rugged outdoor use or in case of emergency. LightStick™ fully charges in about 4 hours, shines at up to 350 lumens on brightest setting, and illuminates for up to 46 hours on lowest setting.

BONUS: Need extra power on the go? Plug in your compatible devices to the built-in 2600/5200mAh battery powerbank and charge them up anytime.

Select Add Mini Waterproof Lightstick [ +$29.00 ] Add Jumbo Waterproof Lightstick [ +$39.00 ] Add Jumbo & Mini Waterproof Lightsticks [ +$61.00 - Save 10% ] DO NOT ADD
Add AA/AAA Battery Charging Station
The ultra-portable SunJack® 4-position battery charging station recharges your AA/AAA NiMh/NiCd battery cells safely and efficiently in just under 5 hours. 8000mAh battery bank will recharge up to 20 AA/AAA batteries. Works with most smartphone and tablet USB chargers, too!

Smart safety-sensing technology protects you by automatically stopping the charging process in the event a non-rechargeable battery is inserted into the unit. The charger will also stop charging if batteries become overheated during the recharging process.

Select Add AA/AAA Battery Charger [ +$19.00 ] DO NOT ADD
Add Flameless ElectroLighter™
Light up your adventures with the SunJack® ElectroLighter™ — it's flameless (so it requires no fluid), waterproof and windproof!

Compatible USB charging interface means you just plug your ElectroLighter™ into any Sunjack® powerbank. Fully charged, it lasts up to 80 presses.

Select Add Electric Lighter [ + $19.00 ] DO NOT ADD
Add Handsfree Rechargeable Headlamp
The Handsfree Sunjack® USB Rechargeable HeadLamp Accessory is a must-have tool for any home, travel or automotive emergency preparedness kit! It also comes in handy for simple, day-to-day nighttime tasks around the house like reading a book, walking the dog, or taking out the trash.

Super bright 240 lumen LED headlamp shines up to 195 feet ahead of you. Use your Sunjack® Rechargeable HeadLamp™ to keep you safe in rugged outdoor environments or to make daily jobs around the house easier to do at night — its durable, heavy-duty construction holds up under even the toughest conditions.

900mAh built-in battery cell lasts up to 40 hours on brightest 240 lumen setting (shines up to 48 hours on lowest 110 lumen setting).

Select Add Handsfree Rechargeable HeadLamp [ +$19.00 ] DO NOT ADD
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