Head-To-Toe Total Body Protection Package: NBC (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical) Full Body Coverall Suit (includes Mil Spec Compliant Gloves for Hand Protection)

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Shield your entire body from the aftereffects of a hazardous nuclear, biological, or chemical (N/B/C) event.

Head-to-toe protection begins with a multilayer film barrier constructed of tough 200-denier nylon. Specialized polyurethane laminate coatings reinforce the nylon fabric. Then several layers of this high-strength material are bonded together to create a non-porous, airtight seam structure throughout the bodysuit. Included Mil Spec Compliant Gloves offer superior hand protection.

  • Includes one bodysuit, one attached hood and one pair rubber mil spec compliant gloves
  • Non-porous, airtight multilayer film barrier shields against nuclear or radiological contaminants, biological hazards and chemical challenges (including chemical warfare agents)
  • Extremely durable garment material is resistant to abrasions, cuts and tears
  • Suitable for rigorous activities and rugged situations
  • Respirator-fit hood with cinched elastic opening for tighter fit
  • Cinched elastic openings at the wrist for tighter fit
  • Integrated boot covers made of garment material
  • Made in the USA

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Add N/B/C Reinforced Nylon Full Body Suit w/ Hood Attachment for $129 Each
Get head-to-toe protection with our N/B/C Reinforced Nylon Body Suit w/ Hood Attachment — a two-piece bodysuit designed to shield your head, neck, and shoulders along with the rest of your body from the aftereffects of a hazardous nuclear, biological, or chemical (N/B/C) event.

Includes one bodysuit, one attached hood and butyl rubber gloves for superior head-to-toe protection from nuclear, biological, or chemical (N/B/C) threats

rlrtest   Size chart

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